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Counselling Attendance 
I offer both short and long term counselling. It is your decision how many sessions you want to have, although I would suggest 6-8 sessions initially, in order for us to establish a relationship of trust and understanding. In long term counselling the number of sessions is regularly reviewed as is the work we commit to together.  

Short term therapy is about focusing on and addressing a particular concern or problem. Longer term work involves looking more deeply at underlying patterns and unresolved conflicts. You may also find out more about yourself and achieve personal growth and goals. 
I offer a FREE initial thirty minute session which is primarily for us to meet.  This time will give you an opportunity to say what has brought you to counselling, in complete confidentiality.  It is also important for me to tell you more about my experience and background and for you to get the feel of whether I am the right person to help you or not.  I can then explain a little of how I work as a therapist. 

Each session will last for an hour.  Experience has shown that this is a manageable time for both client and counsellor.  It is important that time boundaries are adhered to. If you arrive late I will try to give you a full hour, but this may not always be possible and we must finish at our original time.  Most people come for a weekly session on the same day and at the same time to keep a rhythm to the counselling although this is not mandatory. 
 Sometimes people's commitments change and I try to accommodate this as far as possible. 
It is important to attend regularly in order for you to feel the effectiveness of counselling. 
It is generally considered beneficial to end your counselling sessions by mutual agreement rather than an impulsive action. 
 When I take time off during the year, I shall notify you well in advance.  

If for any reason you have to miss a session then I ask you to pay for it in full. This is because once we have made an agreement to work together, that time and space is reserved for you only until the time that the therapy comes to an end.  

A cancellation period of 48 hours is needed to reschedule an appointment. Missed or cancelled appointments (without 48 hours notice), whatever the reason, will be charged for.

FEES (Available upon request) 

Fees are payable at the end of each session.  However I do offer 8 sessions for the price of 7 if they are paid for at the first session.  This not only reduces the cost but then gives us the time to develop the counselling relationship and trust to deal with the deeper issues. The whole session is used for therapy which also leads to a commitment and an investment for your future. Skype and telephone sessions must be paid for in advance.
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